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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Organic Process

Beach wood with seashells from a visit to Hawaii, a tiny nugget of beach glass, wrapped and framed with 14k gold filled wire.

I collect things in nature that are beautiful in their own right. Tiny, little nuggets of different shapes and materials are my favorites. 

For many, many years I have intended to turn my beach collections into jewelry, but it was just about a month ago that I first sat down with all my pieces in front of me, to attempt to create something beautiful. 

Some of my pieces will have a mixture of beach finds and interesting gems that I have sourced elsewhere, like this one, above, with a buttery colored druzy. Looks a bit like a popcorn to me!

My crocheted rocks have served as props for my shop photos for years. I move them around the house, to compliment a vase or serve as a paper weight. They were beach finds from years ago. I used some linen weaving thread to add a rustic element to the fine, intricate visual of the crochet. 

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