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Friday, April 15, 2016

Do I qualify as a Californian now?

I have purchased a pair of cowboy boots. In my defense, they were a steal. If anybody wonders, they are of the brand "Latigo". I am a little chocked and not sure how to relate to them yet. I put them on, and then quickly took them off. 
Cowboy boots are iconic. 
They stand for something. Do we have to stand for the same thing, me and the boots? 

How do I even wear these? Why did I do this? Maybe its a way for me to try to relate to 'Murica.
 I am now going to try to not feel guilty about it, and maybe not overanalyze this. 
Over and out. 

1 comment:

  1. Those are some banging boots Maria! I say, stop over analyzing, and just start wearing them! I love them! PS, You've been a Californian for a long time now �� Not just because you live there, but because if you were to move back to Sweden, you would realize that you already have a part of California with you. I know that if I were to move back to California, there would be a part of Norway in myself for the rest of my life.