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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dancing her little heart out

I have a huge old steamer trunk that I bought off of a man on the side of the road. It has metal corners and remnants of leather bands along the edges. It's not necessarily a very practical piece of furniture, but it is so full of history and personality - I imagine a family in the early 1900 getting on a boat somewhere in Europe, maybe Ireland, escaping misscrop and starvation, headed for the new world! Their travel chest is packed with linens and only the absolute necessities. 

I filled the chest to the brim with all my fabrics, along with all the ideas and dreams for each one of them.

As of late,  Lilian puts on some music, picks out some fabrics and dances her little heart out. I would say this is a perfect use of my dusty old knits and wovens.

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