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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

self-sustaining eco-systems in your livingroom

I just can't believe these beautiful contained landscapes that these people make. I had to share...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

all the pretty little flowers

I have gardening on my mind. The potato's in my garden are thriving, beets, broccoli and leeks are sharing a sunny spot, looking happy with that. I just bought bulbs, and seeds for Queen Anne's Lace and Shirley Poppy.

I also bought a seed bomb. I'm about to take dangerous action. Watch out! There's this shop on that sells little clay balls filled with wildflower seeds. You can toss them anywhere - the boring roundabout next to your house, a dull patch of dirt surrounding a stop sign, or directly into your own garden. It's called Guerilla Gardening, and I LOVE the concept! Stop by their shop if you can, and pick up some seed bombs for your self. Spring into action!

The photo is of a necklace from my flower collection. $98 if you want to buy it. Peace.