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Friday, January 22, 2016

The knitting loom

Since Lilian was a baby, I have tried to get her interested in the things I love to do. She has tried her hand at baking, sewing, music, knitting, growing things,  drawing, designing etc. A few things have struck a chord with her, but music in particular. We do a ton of singing and harmonizing, and she has always been good at it! 

Although we have music in common, I always felt like it would be fun if we could make something with our hands together. She has rejected most of my attempts of encouragement in this area, but this past Christmas I got her a knitting loom and some yarn from Target. She sat with it for 1 1/2 hours straight and she just could not put it down. That is an accomplishment for a kid in this day and age, where everything around you happens fast! I really enjoyed watching her get completely absorbed by her project(a beanie) and seeing the fruits of her labor slowly grow into something to be proud of.  Good for her self esteem, fine motor skills and patience.

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