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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Finger Knitted Pot Cover

The fiddle leaf fig tree that I got for Christmas is finally in presentable condition! 

Just before Christmas, I quit my job. I was working at a restaurant in San Francisco, and they just did not treat their employees in a dignified manner. After one particular incident, I quit. The only problem  is that I had nothing lined up, so here I am with no money, with a child to support and a huge tree in an ugly plastic container. What to do? 

It is surprisingly hard to find a pot big enough, nice looking enough and affordable enough to fit my needs, and so I turn to finger knitting yet again!

I had a lot of muslin scraps laying around, but if you have an old sheet, that will work too.

I also made som smallish, round area rugs. Could possibly fit under the pot, or by the bed to put my feet on in the morning.  

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