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Monday, November 23, 2015

The Pirate Bag

This year for Halloween, Lilian wanted to be a pirate. Specifically the "girl pirate"(Penelope Cruz' character) in "Pirates Of The Caribbean". It was a fairly easy costume to make. Especially compared to the Tim Burton "Alice In Wonderland" dress from last year that I slaved and swore over for a week. This one was done in a couple of evenings! I made some bling out of polymer clay and painted it gold, a super easy peasant blouse in cotton voile and some accessories for a cheapo hat from Walgreens. The hands down coolest piece of the whole outfit had to be the pirate bag, though.

On a trip to discount fabrics in Berkeley, I found a super soft and distressed looking piece of leather for $13. Thin and soft enough to cut with scissors. I created a super simple design with just three pieces of leather, and a strap. There was even enough leather left to make one more bag, if I were to be so inclined! I stitched it together in a rustic looking way, with the seams showing, and attached the strap made with two pieces of leather glued together using leather glue. I punched some holes in the strap and used an old shoe buckle for adjusting the length.

Lilian ended up loving it, and it even doubled as a trick-or-treat bag for the loot of the evening. I think this bag has done its duty in pirate adventures, and will have to live out the rest of its days as a handbag for me. 

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