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Monday, November 2, 2015

Luxurious Facecream For My Sister

handmade face cream

My sister is spending some time at my brother's house is Spain. It is a very, very old house at the foot of the Basque mountains in a tiny little village of seven houses or so. She is writing, working, riding horses and lighting fires in the fireplace when it gets cold and dark. I only see her once a year when Lilian and I go back to Sweden. I miss her terribly in between. I wish I could go there right now, sit in front of the fire with her and talk and drink gallons of tea.

Today I made an extra luxurious face cream especially for her. It smells of vanilla, rose and cardamom, and contains oils with extra fine properties - rosehip seed- and sacha inchi seed oil, both cold pressed and organic. There are no preservatives except natural vitamin E oil, so she will have to store it in the refrigerator. 

My sister deserves the best this world has to offer, and this is some of it.


  1. Claudia, it's a great feeling to use products that you know every single ingredient in! Hope all is well!