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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Making Fiddle Leaf Fig Babies

I have not been posting much as of late, as I have just started a new job. Having not worked for two months, it is both exciting and exhausting. 

I wanted to share what I did with my beautiful Fiddle Leaf Fig tree when I realized that it was growing a long, lanky branch. A couple of weeks ago I gave my tree a makeover and I am hoping for some beautiful babies to be born shortly.

Apparantly this is the season to take cuttings according to the www, and so I did. I think they look fantastic hanging out in their vases on my concrete bench. I put them right next to my dried leek flower stalks and I like the contrast of the vivid color of the living leaves against the memory of the flowers.  

I dipped my cuttings in a rooting powder and now, after a couple of weeks in water, there are tiny little knobs forming around the eyes of the branches!

This is what my tree looked like before the pruning...

...and this is what it looks like now. A little rounder, a little shorter and a lot more handsome.

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