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Thursday, February 4, 2016


I am following up on my post on how to make glögg, from late November. Here is a link to that post, if you would like to check it out: 

It has been almost 10 weeks since I left my glögg on the lees to brew. You really only need to leave it for 6 weeks, but I have been lazy and busy, one after the other! 

I thought I would show you how to bottle this very lovely concoction, so here we go.

You will need:

a slotted spoon
soft plastic tubing
clean bottles

This is what your glögg is supposed to look like after a few weeks. The yeast is no longer active and all the sugars that could be transformed into alcohol have done so. At this point, you want to be careful transporting your bucket or bowl, as you do not want to disturb the sediment at the bottom. Take a slotted spoon and carefully scoop out anything floating on top. Make sure to only skim the surfaces so as to, again, not disturb the sediment. 

When the surface is clean, take your plastic tubing(I found mine at the pet store by the aquarium supplies) and put one end into the glögg. Make sure to keep the opening close to the surface. Place the bottle below the bowl so that gravity can do its job. Carefully suck on the other end of the tubing, to get the glögg flowing. 

Put your finger on the opening of the tube and release once it has been placed at the opening of the bottle.

Your glögg should now steadily flow from the bowl, through the tube and into the bottle. It is important to make sure that the part of the tube submerged in the bowl stays close to the surface! You do not want excess sediment in your bottle. 

When I get close to the bottom of the bowl I carefully tilt it so I can get as much glögg as possible out of my batch. There will, however be a little bit left at the bottom, as you try to avoid bottling the sediment. This brew will be very happy with just sitting on a shelf, maturing for the next 10 months or so, until you feel like the holiday spirit is calling again. 

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