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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tutorial: felted flowers

People "oooh" and "aaah" over my felted flower necklaces when they see them in person, but I can not seem to get them sold in my etsy shop. If I could only convey the tactile properties through the inter web, I sure I would not be able to make them fast enough! When I wear them out I get people coming up to me, wanting to look closer and touch. If you are interested in buying one, check out my shop: 

If you would like to try your hand at felting some flowers yourself, here is a tutorial for you!

What you will need:

wool fibers



sewing thread


small bead with hole

Let's begin:

Take a few wool fibers in your hand and sort of criss cross them around until you have a medium firm ball.

You need one bowl with soapy, hot water, and one with plain, cold water.

Carefully sink your fiber ball into the soapy water and try to maintain the ball shape as well as you can, buy cupping your hands and rolling it ever so lightly between your palms. When you have achieved a ball shape that is firm enough to hold out of the water, dunk it in the cold water for a few seconds, and roll it around.

Dunk back in the soapy water, until you have a nice squishy ball.
Rinse it in cold water and let it dry for a day or so. 

You are going to need sewing thread in whatever color you choose. I like to find a thread that blends with the color of the wool ball I will be working on.

Wax your  thread with beeswax, by pulling it through a couple of times. Thread it on a needle.

Secure the thread in the middle of the ball and run the needle straight as to create a pucker. Now go through the middle again, and tighten the thread. You will go round and round through the middle to create your petals. 

When you have your desired number of petals, secure the thread again and attach a bead in the center of your flower. 

...and that is how I create the felted flowers that I use for my necklaces.

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